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The Scharring-Hausens & a group called The Roundabouts helped found and erect the Hopewell Museum and Hopewell Public Library in Hopewell, New Jersey 1921.

Hopewell Museum Hopewell Public Library



                              Hopewell Museum               Hopewell Public Library


These individuals were Philanthropist and were the first group of people in the U. S. Nation to form Library Week in the town of Hopewell, New Jersey, the third week of May in 1921. A play called Help Hopewell Honor Her Hero also known as "The Masque of Hopewell" a historical pageant written by R L Scharring-Hausen. The play was based on The Founding Father of the U.S. Nation George Washington, crossing the Delaware River. The proceeds from the Play were used to establish the Hopewell Public Library, Hopewell Museum in Honor of the Late Sarah D. Stout and the collection of fine antiques, were then displayed, at the Museum, which remains today.


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All three individual names appear on the copyrights of Footprints also known as Footprints in the Sand.  They are authors Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen, Carolyn Joyce Carty & Ella H. Scharring- Hausen. Its authorship listed as an Anonymous Contribution to Society. Footprints were copyrighted in the He and I text. No other author’s text supports or substantiates any other version of copyright or use. Although many have claimed to write the Footprints poem for personal gain or notoriety, none can compare with the original collection written while each author remained alive see Christian news link.


Note from the author the founders message;  the Hopewell community is best associated with the Baptist church which has been a great asset of Hopewell. For more author news in christian reading follow the link provided.Thank you for sharing our historical publishing history with your friends, family and organizations.

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Should the founding father of library week be given credit for Footprints historical authorship and it's publishings? References -  World Cat link for Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen

Help Hopewell honor her heroes : [library week, May 21-30, 1921, for the purpose of raising funds to erect at Hopewell, New Jersey a library and museum in memory of our pioneers and heroes]


Author Scharring-Hausen, Robert Louis, 1984-1968




Publishing Date 1921


Holdings owned by: Special Collections/University Archives (College Avenue)


The masque of Hopewell, an historical pageant

                               Author Scharring-Hausen, Robert Louis, 1894- 1968




Publishing Date 1921


Holdings owned by: Special Collections/University Archives (College Avenue)