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Carolyn Joyce Carty wrote footprints in the sand


Who wrote Footprints in the sand American Poet

Carolyn Joyce Carty wrote Footprints in the Sand


 Editor's Choice Award

Dedicated to Pope John Paul II for his service to Humanity

  Faith (poem)


Pray for us
For we trust
We have a good conscience
In all things willing
To live honestly

and love honestly
That we may walk
Towards them that are without
And that they may have
Lack of nothing
For what is our hope
Our joy for others
That the just do live by faith
And by believing in thee
Believe in the saving of the soul
And that faith is the substance
Of all things hoped for
For what is our hope our joy
For the glory of the word of the Lord
This day as it is each and every day
The footprints of his faith



Written by Author Anonymous Carolyn Joyce Carty American Poet

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Author Anonymous Carolyn Joyce Carty wrote 'foot-prints sand' No other author can claim they wrote foot-prints sand No other author has ever presented the entire foot-prints sand  poem poetry collection except for Carolyn Joyce Carty.