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Chief Executive Officer Carolyn Joyce Carty announces on this 6th day of June, 2011, the official opening of her publishing business Footprints Publishings Inc.  Today is a very special day for Carolyn Joyce Carty because this day is the anniversary date of her late great aunt Ella H. Scharring-Hausen author of the original footprints poem 9 decades ago. Since many have come to treasure the beloved poem from around the world we want to share with you its publishing history and origin.


Carty credits Ella H. Scharring-Hausen because she was her inspiration. Carolyn Joyce Carty recently published a series of Christian poetry books inspired by her late aunt's work from her days of Sunday school teaching. She is proud to announce 25 new books are shelf ready marking the anniversary date celebrating Library Week May 20-30, 2011 for Hopewell, New Jersey. Carolyn has been in faith publishing for 48 years now and nearing five decades in successful Christian publications. Forming this company was the only natural thing to do; Christian poems and books are a multibillion dollar industry thanks to the faithful who seek guidance while doing their shopping on the internet. The enrichment here is in faith not the riches and this is exactly what has kept Carty going. She feels a sense of purpose to pass on this legacy to others so they may acquire the love and knowledge of God that she had shared. 


Footprints Publishings Inc. is currently worth over 12 million dollars. However, Carty can't actually put a price tag on the value of her company because so many companies that publish her intellectual property fail to pay royalties. According to Carty that will soon end, she may end up taking down a few of the corporate giants if they fail to comply with Cease & Desist Orders. It feels so unchristian like to proceed in this manner however these companies have left Carty with no other alternative. Carty has been unable to donate her proceeds to charitable organizations because these companies had fail to pay, yet she holds her head up high and her strength endures.  


The biggest reason Carty decided to go into the publishing business is to set an example towards others to follow their dreams no matter how difficult things may seem and to make publishing history correct in anecdote. She states, "She was the fortunate one that came from a family of library & museum founders, authors and publishers of whom she would never fail,"  see more details in Christian Business News footprints poem author.