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Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen author, historian, journalist, founding father of library week read our poems in the anthology of poetry footprints in the sand poem books.


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Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen was my uncle and publisher in 1963,

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 Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen (1894 - 1968) was an American author, journalist, farmer, agriculturist, historian and philanthropist. He is most notably known for being a publisher and creating a publishing phenomena in 1963 when he published the footprints poem also known as Footprints in the Sand creating the author anonymous tagline.



Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen graduated from Rutgers University[1] after studying journalism and agriculture. He is notably recognized as the founding father of Library Week Hopewell, New Jersey in 1921. In 1918, he worked as a field assistant for the state of New Jersey in agriculture experiments.[2] He owned a 100 acre farm on Moores Mill Road in Hopewell, New Jersey. Moores Mill Road is known as Mt. Rose Road. Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen was a friend and neighbor to Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf, Charles Lindbergh, Anne Morrow Lindbergh and Albert Einstein.[3]

Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen married Ella Harris daughter of Daniel Harris who was one of the original oilers of Titusville, Pennsylvania. Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen and Ella H. Scharring-Hausen were active members of the Hopewell, New Jersey community founding and erecting the Hopewell Museum and Hopewell Public Library.[4] Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen wrote an historical pageant titled The Masque of Hopewell call number: F144.H791S.[5] The Masque of Hopewell is also known as "Help Hopewell Honor Her Heros".[6][7]

Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen had no children of his own. He is the great uncle of American poet Carolyn Joyce Carty. He inspired his niece Carolyn Joyce Carty to write during his authorship when he worked as a nature columnist in the early 1960s. Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen wrote the first line to the Footprints (poem); his anonymous authorship was not revealed publicly until 2003. His work was copyrighted and it is registered at the United States Copyright Office.[8]

After the passing of Robert Scharring-Hausen, Ella H. Scharring-Hausen made a gift to Rutgers University the alma mater of the late Robert Scharring-Hausen for scholarships in journalism. Many RutgersUniversitystudents have benefitted from this generous act of philanthropy. Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen was known for writing, editing and publishing. He had a newspaper column in Trenton, New Jersey. He is most notably remembered for his newspaper articles that he wrote about nature. Being a nature columnist was second nature to the avid farmer and author. He was best known by his pen name as "Scharry" to his fellow workers and faithful readers. Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen enjoyed collecting and preserving antiques, wood working and making jigsaw puzzles. He wrote extensively about Richard Morley and the massfortune accumalated by the Morley's in the West Indiestrade. He was past president of the American Poultry Association and wrote for AgricultureMagazines.



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Help Hopewell honor her heroes : [library week, May 21-30, 1921, for the purpose of raising funds to erect at Hopewell, New Jersey a library and museum in memory of our pioneers and heroes]


Author Scharring-Hausen, Robert Louis, 1984-1968 Publisher


Publishing Date 1921 Holdings owned by: Special Collections/University Archives (College Avenue)


The masque of Hopewell, an historical pageant


Author Scharring-Hausen, Robert Louis, 1894-1968


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